Artist’s Statement

Painting on Canvas

My theme: Doors to Perception

The creative process? A voyage to an unknown destination.
It starts as a splash of paint, a trace of color on the canvas that then begins to mark the road I’m going to take.
Colors and shapes condense, they themselves becoming the starting point of the next phase in the process.
That is its formal side. It then evolves in keeping with the chosen theme:
my exploration of time, consciousness, memory.
This being so, work on a painting is also an exploration of the traces of those – not only visual – everyday experiences left behind on the canvas.
Thus a painting becomes the means and object of reflection about the world, the world as it is embraced by my own perception.
My paintings do not narrate stories, but are rather about exploring, activating and mobilizing the faculties of seeing and thinking, about potentials and impulses that trigger the viewer’s awareness of what lies latent beneath the surface, of fragments of his or her cultural and personal memories evoked by their individual experience of the painting.
In other words, the act of painting is all about relationships of color and form and about the way they are structured, and, by the same token, about the way our very process of seeing is structured.
It is here that abstraction of representation brings with it a certain degree of ambiguity that challenges the viewer to take an active part in interpreting the painting’s message.
Thus paintings become mirrors. They challenge us to mobilize our subjectivity, to fathom our own awareness, our own faculty of perception.
My series of “calligraphic” are a focused expression of the “flow” experienced while I am painting; a pause for contemplation during which a vital force accumulates resulting in an impulse of applying strokes of paint on to the canvas.
The result of this creative process – the finished painting on the canvas – reflects the very essence of meditation: “being entirely in the here and now”, just as the deliberate strike of a bell already carries within it the ringing sound of the metal.
Painting, for me, is like the release of energy. Music is the space in which the act of painting charges itself with rhythm and movement.
The act of painting – a pas de deux.
Color – the medium that gives shape to my experience, my perception.
The finished painting – a source of energy that acts on the viewer, sends out waves and makes the room vibrate.