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Born in Muenster/Germany.
Finished her studies after earning a Master’s Degree in German Literature, Sociology and Political Sciences at the Muenster University / Germany.
Started her career as a professional artist in 1989.
Lives and works in Bochum/Germany, also in New York City/USA since 1998.
In addition to painting she is also engaged in theater/film/video art and photography, working as a director, producer or behind the camera.

Group and numerous individual exhibitions in Europe and USA

1986 conception/directing and production of a documentary film: Living Times – sequences in the life of siblings suffering from the Nazi Regime

1996 Women’s Museum Bonn/Deutschland (participation)

1997 Governor Henry Lippitt House Museum, Providence/ RI USA (solo)

1998 the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany opened its new building at UN Plaza, New York, with an exhibition of Lisa Lyskava’s paintings (solo)

2002 The Connoisseur’s Gallery, Paris/Frankreich (solo)

2006 in Kiev (Ukraine) the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany presented an individual exhibition of her works as well as the Gallery 36 in Kiev (solo) Premiere of the video performance My Colours of Kiev
National Arts Club in New York/USA (solo)

2008 exhibition and showing of the serial of performances Doors to Perception in Kunstverein Unna, Unna (Germany) (solo)

2009 Multimedia Show signs of time – Der Förderturm Bönen (An Echo of the Past – The Tower of the Coalmine Bönen), a dedication to the 80th birthday of this industrial monument in the context of the European Capital of Culture Ruhr. 2010 (idea/conception/directing/), Böenen, Germany

- Premiere of the documentary film Report from the East Pole of the Ruhr Region with former workers of the coalmine Zeche Koenigsborn III/IV, idea/script/directing: Lisa Lyskava
- Premiere of the video/sound performance The Sound of Colour in collaboration with the composer Susanne Strobel, visuals/directing: Lisa Lyskava

2010 capital of culture RUHR.2010 Strong Places(STARKE ORTE) Kunst im Revier, participation in Herne/Dortmund/Germany

2011 Multimedia Show Doors to Perception, Rotunde Bochum, Germany (solo)
- Exhibition with paintings, photography, video, installations by the artist
- Premiere of the first edition of the documentary film Perspective of Desire idea/script/directing: Lisa Lyskava
- Premiere of the video/sound performance Listen to Colours, visuals/directing: Lisa Lyskava

2012 Cinema Premiere of the documentary film Perspective of Desire (Standort Sehnsucht), Cinema sweetsixteen, Dortmund, Germany,
Showing Perspective of Desire at the Filmfestival Close up (Nahaufnahme), Leverkusen, Germany

2013 parliament NRW (Landtag Duesseldorf), true colors (Farbe bekennen), exhibition of paintings, showing of the video /sSound performance Listen to Colours, Düsseldorf, Germany
InBetweenTimeSpace (Zwischenzeitzwischenraum)/Bochum, New Perspective (Neue Perspektiven)/ Herne Powerful Places 2013 (Starke Orte 2013), participation
You & TABU with art against FGM, eMuseum East Wall (eMuseum Ostwall), Dortmund, Germany (participation)

2014 International Festival This is not Detroit, performance of the interactive performance performance Purpose: Longing for the Future international Festival, Bochum, Germany (participation),
November 2014 Women’s Museum Bonn (Frauenmuseum Bonn, Installation awakening & evocation (participation)

2015 DOORS TO PERCEPTION, an interactive concept for synaesthetic explorations (idea / concept / directing / project management) exhibition of paintings (solo), Rottstrasse5 Kunsthallen, Bochum
International Art Fair C.A.R., Zeche Zollverein in Essen (participation)

2016 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Bochum Artists’ Association exhibition In the eyes of others – 7 members of the BKB show portrait photographs by colleagues from the BKB, Rottstrasse5 Kunsthallen, Bochum (participation)
new perspective
exhibition of paintings (solo) and intercultural multimedia staging, idea / concept / directing: Lisa Lyskava
Osthaus Museum in Hagen

RUHRTRIENNALE refectory, performance of video performance listen to colours (Visuals: Lisa Lyskava), Music by DJ Tim Müller / Guy Dermosession

Passionate Art, Künstlerzeche Our Fritz 2/3, Herne (participation)

Opening of the “Galerie 13” of the Bochum Artists’ Association, Bochum (participation)

Gallery 13 of the Bochum Artists’ Association (participation)

Duisburger Akzente “Breakthroughs” – room installation TAGESTHEMEN / idea, concept, directing, Ludwigturm, inner harbor in Duisburg
LES TRACES D’ART multimedia project as part of BoBiennale Bochum

2018 MOTION, BBK Ruhrgebiet, BIG Gallery, Dortmund (participation), Installation ETERNITY COSTS, exhibition: REST! LIGHTS OFF!, Bochum Artists’ Association in Christ-King Church, Bochum (participation)

Lisa Lyskava’s works are in public as well as private and corporate collections, amongst others at Aral, Deutsche Bank, Telecom, German Embassy in Kiev and New York, Falconwood Foundation, USA

Lisa Lyskava’s paintings are found in numerous private and company collections, e.g. Aral, Deutsche Bank, Telecom, Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kiev (Ukraine) and Falconwood Foundation, USA

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