Artist’s Statement


The digital camera serves me as a means of exploring and investigating my world with the eyes of a painter.

I am not concerned with the reproduction of reality, not with the object, but rather with those ways of seeing that constitute, represent and shape our perception of reality.

To this end I utilize the technical capability of digital photography to represent movement with a blurred and fleeting effect.
In this regard, the photographic images thus produced are also an expression of the fragmentation, segmentation and interpretation of our perception.

The fleeting traces of the photographic act rendered visible in the “Lightpaintings” express the rapid movement of the gaze, the vagueness of our perception of our everyday surroundings and of the objects therein as the moving camera captures them.
At the same time, the resulting image also conveys the nature and speed – the rhythm – of the movement.

Thus it is that the “depiction” obtained by this technique demands from the viewer that he register empirical analogies and differences and adjust his own empirical values and customary way of seeing things accordingly.

This means, in practical terms, that the “Lightpaintings” evoke moods and images in the viewer’s consciousness, poetically yet irritatingly pointing out that the way we see the world is an accepted convention, taken for granted in our everyday life. In so doing, they open the “Doors to Perception”.